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Why Trade The Chain?

Communities drive markets, traditional or digital; and, as the memestock craze and subsequent crypto rally during the pandemic showed us - the power of the crowd is unrivaled. Trade The Chain has found a way to quantify the emotions of the masses in a way that can be used by many as a leading indicator of which direction markets are likely to head.

What is Trade The Chain?

Trade The Chain is two things - a global community of crypto traders and enthusiasts sharing ideas and bagging profits together; and also a data platform that provides real time, actionable trading alerts and social media analytics, 24/7 to any device. Take the emotion out of trading by trading others’ emotions.

Where does Trade The Chain get information?

Trade The Chain’s data comes from a few thousand sources around the internet including the full Twitter firehose, news sites, blogs, social media, and other sites that our bots scrape every minute. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, this data is then normalized, contextualized, and distilled into sentiment scores and other data points for easy, actionable insights across the market. This is the same data used by hedge funds, Wall Street traders, and other large institutions to get a leg up on the general public, and it’s now available for you to use at a fraction of the cost.

How many assets does Trade The Chain Support?

Trade The Chain currently tracks several hundred cryptocurrencies, with more being added each week. If you see one you follow is missing, please feel free to ask us to add it.

How many exchanges/trading platforms does Trade The Chain support?

Trade The Chain is asset and exchange agnostic and only provides the data for you to act on.

Can I trade directly from Trade The Chain?

Currently, Trade The Chain does not support trading directly from web or mobile, but we will soon be launching SENT Galaxy, a non-custodial wallet that also offers DEX liquidity aggregation, a fiat on-ramp, and the full mobile version of TTC.

How do I trade using sentiment?

TTC’s scoring has taken the guesswork from trading sentiment. Through scores that clearly indicate whether the conversations around an asset are bearish, neutral, or bullish, you can then make a more informed decision around how to position yourself against an asset. Keeping in mind that sentiment is often a leading indicator for price movement, you can potentially use this to help determine whether to buy, hold, or even sell a coin at any given time.

How can I get the most from Trade The Chain?

Well, results differ from person to person. But if you watch our Trading Academy videos, subscribe to and read our weekly free newsletter, watch our daily show on YouTube and Twitter, as well AMA’s, you should be on a path for success. And with just 1 successful trade, it can pay for an entire yearly membership. There is no holy grail in trading, but Trade The Chain provides a robust amount of educational content for success. And, as always, do your own research and compare it against what our data tells you.

How can I pay for my Trade The Chain membership?

Credit cards are great, and we do have a majority of our members use those for payment. But since we are a crypto company, we also take crypto as a means of payment. Members often pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, USDT and our native token SENT.

Does Trade The Chain have a referral program?

Why yes, we do! It is super easy to sign up for, easy to track, and super profitable for many of our members. In fact, some members have earned upwards of $10,000 a month in extra income just by referring people to sign up for Trade The Chain. Referrals are also in perpetuity, which means that as long as your referral is a paying member, you get a check! Sound easy? It is! And you do not have to be a member to keep cashing your TTC referral residuals. Check out the program here.

What does Trade The Chain do with my information?

Not a thing. We don’t sell it, we don’t trade against it, we do nothing with your data.

What is the best way to start with Trade The Chain?

  • Step 1….subscribe to the free newsletter. 
  • Step 2… subscribe to the TTC YouTube channel and watch the daily show.
  • Step 3.… subscribe to Trade The Chain. 
  • Step 4.… join our Discord community. 
  • Step 5…. fill your bags.


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